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Enter Japanese, Russian or English word, or a text in Japanese. You can enter Japanese words using kanji, kana, romaji or cyrillic transliteration. When a text in Japanese is entered, the program will split the text into separate words and display translation of each word.

A list of dictionaries used for lookup is placed at the top of the page. If you mark dictionaries with a checkbox, the program will display translation of words found in all marked dictionaries. If you do not mark any dictionary, the program will perform lookup using dictionaries according to internal priority. In that case if translation of a word exists in more than one dictionary, the program will display only first found translation.

List of dictionaries and books used for lookup:

JardicJapanese-Russian Dictionary for Jardic Pro.
WarodaiLarge Japanese-Russian Dictionary, ed. by N.I.Konrad.
YARXIJapanese-Russian Kanji Dictionary YARXI, comp. by V.Smolensky
BKRSLarge Chinese-Russian Dictionary 大БКРС
MedicJapanese-Russian Medical Dictionary, comp. by V.Loboda.
TatoebaCollection of Japanese-English-Russian sentence pairs.
EdictJapanese-English dictionary Edict.
KandjidicJapanese-English kanji dictionary Kanjidic.
EnamdictJapanese-English proper name dictionary Enamdict.
UnihanUnicode Han Database, prep. by LiBeiFeng.
ChekhovJapanese-Russian alligned translations of works by Anton Chekhov.
Laws of JapanJapanese-English aligned translations of Japanese laws from Japanese Law Translation Database.
StoriesJapanese-English alligned translations of literature works from Masao Utiyama's aligned text collection.
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